Aside from working spaces following the open space principle, we also have separated rooms for teams who need a more intensive exchange. If needed, we can provide you with the necessary infrastructural needs, including our air conditioned server room, as well as a stable telephone connection.

Trial Day


o €



Access: Mon-Fri 10am-6pm

Day Ticket


19 €

(per day)


Access: Mon-Fri 10am- 6pm

10x Ticket


149 €

(per 10x ticket)


Access: Mon-Fri 10am-6pm



199 €

(per month)


Access Mon-Fri 10am-6pm

4h use of room Synergy

Hub Hero*



299 €

(per month)


Access: 24/7

8h use of room Synergy

Hub Hero*

fixed, own workplace

own key for the Premises



upon request


Access: 24/7

8h Use of room Synergy

4h Use room Energy

Hub Hero*

own office

own keys for premises and office

* discounted meeting rooms, placement on website and in the entrance area

Free & Fair Use for all coworkers: WLAN, printers, scanners, water, tea, coffee, beer

All prices plus VAT (net prices).

Conference rooms

You are in search of a space for seminars, events, meetings with your business partners, investors or your next employees? We have several rooms in different sizes at your disposal. All of them are equipped with digital projectors, whiteboards and flipcharts. Because the hub is very well located, your guests can travel by plane, train, bus or car. If required, we also provide drinks and welcome the guests.


Room Energy

sem groß heller

Room Synergy


large seminar room


149 €

(per 4h slot)


Hub Heroes only pay 99€

duration of utilisation: 4h

seats at the table: 25, seats in rows: 35

small seminar room


39 €

(per 2h slot)


Hub Heroes only pay 25€

duration of utilisation: 2h

seats at the table: 8

All prices plus VAT (net prices).


Virtual Office


99 €



Use of our address

Mail acceptance and forwarding



9 €


All prices plus VAT (net prices).


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